The New PCB HQ in Cranbury, NJ

We’re so excited to share a peek at our new space with you! In case you missed it, a few months ago, we made an exciting purchase - our very own PCB building! We’ve been working non-stop behind the scenes to make it the perfect space for our brand-new store front. We can’t wait to show you!

There are some big plans in the works for this building and today we want to walk you through some small parts of it and show you our progress. We’re getting close to opening the doors!

Our new shop/studio, or as we like to refer to it - the PCB HQ 😉, is located on Main Street in the little down town of Cranbury, NJ. We love it here! Everyone is so friendly and the town really gives off the old fashion small town feel. It’s beautiful, historic, and in a lot of ways reminds us of where we were in Allentown. There is a beautiful waterfront, delicious restaurants, and other cute shops around on Main St. Our hope is that you can come visit us soon and enjoy spending the day walking the streets of Cranbury with your family and friends!

Our new-to-us building was built in the 1800s and the historic charm of it all is what really drew us into this space. It’s a two-story building which works perfectly as the PCB HQ. We’re devoting the downstairs to our new store front and can’t wait to show you all it entails! Since moving in, we have been restoring the original floors, opening the floor plan, and making it the perfect space to bring you all our handmade products, new home décor accessories, and even a bit of furniture that will be for sale in this space. I think you guys are going to love all the new items that will fill the store!

We still have a little way to go, but we’ll keep you updated as we finish up the details. The best way to follow along is over on Instagram. We’ll announce our grand opening date over there so soon!

The upstairs has been devoted to our daily tasks and order of fulfillment of the PCB we all know and love. This is where our team spends their time answering your questions, making your online orders, and packaging up all the goodies so they arrive right at your door step. We’re loving the openness of the room up here – it’s so fun to have a great big space to work in (with of course, the occasional dance parties – I mean, who could resist in a wide-open room like this one?).

We're finishing up a few touches on the second floor, but we hope this will be where we start hosting calligraphy classes again soon. We miss our calligraphy students and know you guys are anxious to come learn! We’ll keep you updated on when our first class will be!

So, what do you think?! This is just the smallest sneak peek, but we hope it gets you excited to come visit us in Cranbury soon! We truly can’t wait to show you our new store in its entirety. Stay tuned friends!