Parris Chic Boutique at Pursuit Market 2015 - Rome, GA

I am finally getting around to sharing these gorgeous photos my sweet friend Amy Rae Photography shot of our little set up at the Pursuit Market earlier this month. The PCB team made the long trek down to Rome, GA in a big ol' van over flowing with products to set up a pretty little table at the vendor market. And you guys, it was life changing. I can't put the words I want into this post to even try to describe what we experienced that week. 

If you haven't heard of it yet, Pursuit is a conference held a couple times a year that brings Christian creatives together from all over the country to renew and refresh. Gathering together at the most beautiful retreat center I ever did see, women are encouraged by the community and speakers the week has to offer.

Karen Scott, founder of Pursuit Community, writes "My hope and prayer for all of this, for myself and this community, is that we will be a tribe of women that always says yes to the whispers of God."

And witnessing it all live and in person is just an entirely new level of amazing. It's indescribable. The Lord is so, so good and I have never been reminded more of that fact than in a random field in the middle of Rome, GA at 11pm under His galaxy of stars. He works so beautifully in the lives of those who follow Him and being at Pursuit was just one great big refresher for me. 

Bummed you missed out? Well you're in luck. For the first time ever, Pursuit is adding on a spring conference and I have the pleasure of going back in April and sharing my heart as a speaker! Won't you come join me? Registration just re-opened today and I have a coupon code just for you that will save you $100 off ticket price! Scroll below for the link to reserve your spot and use code "ALYSSA" at checkout. I can't wait to see what God has in store in the spring!

Enjoy the photos of the market by Amy Rae and the run over and snag yourself a seat! Seriously, DO IT! You can thank me later.

And one not-as-pretty-as-Amy's-but-just-as-important iPhone photo because this small but mighty team rocked it at Pursuit this year and I am so grateful for them. For their friendship, for their support, and for the precious time we spent growing in the Lord together. Have I mentioned I can't wait for April?
In closing let me just say this, if you need a refresher, if you need a break, if you want to hear the Lord and hear Him loud and clear come to Pursuit in the spring. Do yourself a favor and go grab a spot. I PROMISE you that you will not regret it. Not one bit. God works in amazing ways and He works at Pursuit. See you there!